Innovatory life of my girls

If I could travel in time and go to my past self and tell him that in the future, you will be married to a beautiful woman and you will have two beautiful girls, living in Boston, Massachusetts and extremely happy; after laughing and doubting the older me, the younger me will probably ask “Are we really going to become this BALD??”

There are times in my life that I take a step back and look at my life as an observer and it seems very surreal. It is a dream that I couldn’t have imagined but one that I totally welcome. The majority of this fantasy-turned-real life falls on the shoulders of the girls in my life, My wife Sarah, my mother Farah, my sister Nakissa, and of course my two daughters Magdalene Laleh and Maral Charlotte. This page is dedicated to them.

My daughter Magdalene just turned 5 years old in April of 2012. In tribute of her birthday, I made this video, enjoy!!


After using the “1 Second Everyday App“, I was inspired to take one second videos of everything that is happening in my life. Here is the result of the first two months of 2013: