John Hann (@unscriptable) joins Iotopia Solutions

bac80df744809dfb2be609ee01dce9baWe would like to welcome John Hann to our team at Iotopia Solutions.

John built his first suite of rich web apps in 1996, long before most people realized that the web would become a powerful application platform. Since then, he’s led 80+ enterprise-scale apps and open source projects. Many innovations stand out, including a patented application of Ajax five years before the now ubiquitous technique even had a name (US Patent 7,016,751). John continues to obsess on architectural patterns that foster robust products, team scalability, and code scalability. On weekends he’s running, unicycling, or working on a wicked cool science, IoT, or construction project with his kids.

In his role as Senior Consultant, John will bring his 20+ years experience to help clients improve and expand on existing or new products. He will also be leading our teams in the areas of Big Data, Functional Programming, and Micro Services. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the future endeavors.

Twitter: @unscriptable

LinkedIn: John (unscriptable) Hann

Github: John Hann Repositories

Iotopia Solutions Team