Introducing Iotopia Solutions Inc.

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It has been a busy few months, and we have some changes to bring to your attention regarding our company. You may have known us individually as Cielo Concepts Inc or ThoughtSynth LLC.  We have combined our talents and expertise to form a new company called Iotopia Solutions Inc.  Beginning March 1st 2016, we began operating under this new entity.

What does this mean?

This change means that we will be able to provide more services to you, as more consulting assets and capabilities have been added to our utility belt. We now offer a broad portfolio of both software and hardware services – truly a “full-stack” shop.  We are able to offer consulting services in the realm of hardware design and development specializing in IoT (Internet of Things), front-end, back-end design, and everything in between.

Our Experience

Our experience portfolio covers a wide range of projects and experiences – this allows you to develop a breakthrough product regardless of the talent that you currently possess:

  • Software:
    • We offer true “full-stack” development capability from software on embedded devices including OS, drivers and application software to back-end and front-end.
    • Beautiful and immersive web-application development highlighted in projects such as the Harvard Business Review Redesign project (
    • Evaluation and discovery projects with companies like Perkin Elmer, Kronos, and American Student Assistance.
    • Startup support for companies like Confer Technologies and FarMobile where we provided a complete development team producing go-to-market products on short timelines.
    • Cutting-edge FDA-approved solutions for smart, connected medical devices (
  • Hardware:
    • Product development for companies like Dogwatch and FarMobile.
    • Experience developing smart connected devices – from low-power microcontroller solutions to high-performance Linux-powered devices.
    • We can provide solutions to meet many price-points from inexpensive COTS solutions using RaspberryPi up to sophisticated custom solutions using cutting-edge processors and platforms.
    • Extensive experience in Consumer, Medical and Agricultural applictions
    • Connectivity including Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular and 900MHz
  • Training and Open Source Projects
    • We also have training and support programs for software and hardware development.
    • We know Yocto and Embedded Linux and can help your team up the steep learning curve of this platform.
    • Our training program can be supplemented with a mentoring program that will help ensure the results of the training and help in its implementation.
    • Our experience with tools like ReactJS and Redux has allowed us to create open source components and share them with the open web community.

Our Process

Before a full engagement with us, we recommend the following:

  • Initial introductory: this will be our initial meeting where you, the client, will tell us all the issues/problems/future plans. We will gather the information and in return give a proposal that will outline the next steps.
  • Discovery phase: Most projects will begin with a discovery phase which can take 2 – 6 weeks where we will investigate all the aspects of the product/project. This discovery phase can proceed as an autonomous part of the project. At the end of the designated discovery period, we will provide a comprehensive report that can be used for future development whether it is with us or any other agency. The report will include:
    • Current state
    • Future state options
    • Our recommendations
    • Costs
      • Time
      • Resources


Our engagement begins with an initial meeting. In this meeting, we will evaluate your needs, goals, and concerns. This will give us an opportunity to evaluate whether our company is the right resource for the project. If we determine that we are able to offer a solution to the problem, we will return with a high level proposal.

Our recommendation is to devote an initial 2-6 week discovery period (some projects may require a longer discovery phase), where we will spend this time learning more about the project and all of the areas that influence and affect the project. This will allow us to become more familiar with the project and make more detailed recommendations. At the end of the discovery phase, our deliverable is a report that will encompass the following information:

  • Current state
  • Problems to solve/goals to achieve
  • Multiple solutions
  • Our recommendations
  • Cost and timeline

Get in touch

Use any of the following contact methods to get in touch with us with any questions that you may have and we will do our best to help.


Or contact any of the principal partners directly:

Kianosh Pourian:

Martin Bures:

Eric Brown:

Phone: 617-870-4574

We look forward to speaking with you.


Your friend at Iotopia Solutions Inc.