A little about me:

  • Iranian born – born in Tehran Iran on August 19th nineteen hundred not-gonna-tell-you (actually I am not that vain, it is 1969)
  • Husband – married to my lovely wife Sarah since September of 2005My Lovely Sarah
  • Father – two lovely little girls, so the estrogen scale in the household is tipped way overMy other lovely ladies
  • UI/Front End Enthusiast – it took several years (from high school, college, and beyond) to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Nevertheless,I have chosen to be Front EndDeveloper for the time being. I am really excited about what the technology has achieved and will achieve and look forward to growing along with it.

Why am I blogging?

I am not sure if I have anything new to add to the knowledge bank of our universe and I certainly think there are numerous people out there that are better developers, better fathers, better husbands and better citizens than me but I think I can add a different perspective to the process. Here are some of the topics that I will be blogging about:

Front end development – here is where I geek out and write boring (to some) blogs about the work I do, the issues that I face and how I solved them, or just to give another helping hand to fellow developers that will be entering this field.

Personal Project – everyday I think of ways that I can improve my life and hopefully in the process help others. This has turned into a notebook of ideas that one of these days I will slowly implement.

Family – Being a father of two girls and therefore being in a household that is predominantly female, my testosterone mind and tongue gets me in a lot of trouble among the estrogen secreting creatures in the house (see what I mean!! My wife will kill me for this sentence). So I think I have a lot to forewarn the fathers out there.

Politics – I am a huge follower of politics both domestic and foreign. On occasions, you will see me comment/blog about politics. I have seen friends make political comments on Facebook or Twitter and become bombarded with rude and insulting comments. So if I will make the following promise:

  • I will keep it civil
  • I will back my blog with verifiable statements

And I ask that all commenter keep the same promise.

Miscellaneous Rants – There will be times when I will just go on a rant that I might regret later but nevertheless, you have been warned.

Thanks for following me and peace,

Kianosh Pourian