Font Dos & Don’ts

Not a bad reference for some font guidelines:  

Life without a BS Foundation

On April 29th 2014, I presented on a topic titled “Bootstrap and Foundation are not your crutch”. The topic was described as:  “Although frameworks like Twitter BootStrap and Zurb Foundation are great starting… Continue reading

What would you do with a blank canvas?

An artist starts with a blank canvas, a writer stares at one endlessly. As a developer, there are rare occasions when we are given a blank canvas, a beginning where no decisions have… Continue reading

Why I chose Sass

Learning to appreciate the advantages of using pre-processors like Sass CSS in my work flow was not very hard for me. At times the challenge has been convincing others of the advantages of… Continue reading

Why are preprocessors so divisive?

The genesis of this post is from a disagreement between me and a co-worker on the use of Sass CSS. This was during a project where as the UI Architect, I had decided… Continue reading

Journey Through MVC Architecture Using KnockoutJS

Up until two years ago, I had not idea of any MVC framework; however I knew that my front end development needed organization and structure. My first introduction to an MVC framework was… Continue reading

KnockoutJS Flickr App Tutorial – Part I

To better understand how to implementation of KnockoutJS, I have created a tutorial which creates a Flickr application searching Flickr photos based on tag and displaying them. It also allows the user to… Continue reading

What I learned at the Backbone conference 2012

I attended the Backbone conference (pics by Bob Holt)on May 30th and 31st of 2012 in Boston Massachusetts. This was great event that shed light on numerous questions that I had regarding development… Continue reading

Intro to SASS CSS Presentation

The following is a summary of the presentation that I gave at BrightCove headquarters in Boston, MA for the Front end developers meetup with the topic of “An all-Sass evening: Tips, Tricks and… Continue reading

Why large corporations are years behind in technology

In my career I have had the privilege of working for different size companies. I have worked for interactive agencies (a rather fast paced and fun environment), medium size companies, educational institutes, and… Continue reading